Hello Hertford!

Transition Hertford is part of the Transition Network, a global movement and a charitable organisation that aims to help encourage, train and support communities to build healthy local economies, reduce CO2 emissions and dependence on oil.

What is ‘Transition’?

When we use the term 'transition' we’re talking about the changes we need to make to get to a low-carbon, socially just, healthier and happier future, which is more enriching and more gentle on the earth than the way most of us live today.

In our vision of the future, people work together to find ways to live with a lot less reliance on fossil fuels, much reduced carbon emissions, improved wellbeing for all and stronger local economies. The Transition movement is a social experiment, in which communities learn from each other and are part of a global and historic push towards a better future for us and the planet.

Our Aims

Our aim is to build a strong local community through:

  • Addressing climate change and peak oil consumption

  • Green energy and saving saving energy

  • Supporting the local economy

  • Encouraging sustainable transport initiatives

  • Preserving and improving the local environment

  • Growing food and reducing food miles

  • Sustainability and permaculture

  • Sharing, repairing, recycling, re-using

Transition Hertford is open to anyone who shares some or all of these aims. The more of us there are, the more effective we can be. Find out about joining. It’s free! Like us on Facebook to show your support and see posts about sustainability.

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